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The Fisheries Act 2020 requires the UK fisheries policy authorities (Defra, Scottish Government, Welsh Government and the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs in Northern Ireland) to publish fisheries management plans (FMPs) to help deliver our ambition for sustainable fisheries.  

Defra is responsible for preparing and publishing plans covering English waters. Some are being developed jointly with the devolved administrations. 

Learn more at Fisheries management plans - GOV.UK (  

This page includes: 

  • Published FMPs – with links to each of the plans 
  • FMP consultations – with links to each of the plans 
  • FMPs in development – with links to each of the plans 
  • FMP policy - sets out how Defra will prepare and publish its FMPs for the waters around England. 
  • List of planned FMPs- the full list of FMPs the UK Administrations will prepare and publish. 
  • Joint Fisheries Statement (JFS)- sets out the policies for achieving the fisheries objectives in the Fisheries Act 2020. 
  • Environmental assessments and evidence- links to the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) for each published FMP.