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About this blog

Welcome to the Fisheries Management Plans (FMPs) programme blog.  

This blog launched in May 2024. 

Why we blog 

Fisheries management plans are important and new in the UK.  FMPs are evidence-based action plans for managing fisheries. We are using this new policy approach to secure healthy fish stocks, help to support the economy and coastal communities and protect our marine environment for generations to come.  

Central to our approach is our collaborative approach, working with the fishing sector and wider stakeholders to prepare, implement and review our FMPs.  

Regular communication and engagement are key to our FMP programme. We'll use this blog to post about what's going on in the world of FMPs, from announcements and important dates, updates on evidence projects, webinars and stories about what work is going on.  

We want this blog to help you stay informed, engaged, and involved. By sharing insights, updates, and exclusive content s, we aim to provide you with valuable resources and knowledge that can help you understand this policy area and get involved in helping us to develop and implement the plans. 

This blog is one method of engagement the programme will use. Joining in discussions and giving feedback can directly shape the direction and outcomes of the FMP process and we encourage you to post comments in line with the collaborative approach the programme is taking.  

How we blog 

Our blog posts are assigned categories. If you’d like to see blog posts about a particular FMP, you can filter by that category from the blog homepage or from a blog post.  

Posts are also tagged, and you can select these from any post to view other posts with the same tag, such as ICES area. 

You can also use the search function to search by word. 

We publish regularly and encourage people to subscribe to the blog. By subscribing, you'll never miss an update. 

Comments, moderation and feedback 

Please see our guidance on Using this blog: comments, moderation and feedback